The savvy way to buy IT for your business –
Digiworld to do the hard yakka.
Online shopping may seem like a convenient service – but are you getting the right tailored solutions for your
We’ll do the research. We’ll get your business the right product, at the right price, delivered on time, serviced for

Digiworld’s Managed IT service is especially suited to the small to  medium business with a growing reliance on
IT, yet with limited IT resources. We take over the responsibility of ensuring your technology is performing to its
full potential.

something better for less:

You will have access to reliable, best practice technology know-how in line with industry standards.
You will be working with an experienced company, recognised for its service consistency, flexibility, and multiple
vendor proficiency.
Above all you will have peace of mind.
Surprisingly most managed services cost less than traditional break-fix services, especially when you account for
the true cost of downtime.


Small Business Industry Standard Server and solutions
E-Clinical Equipment and Software Solutions
Virus Protection Management
Daily Backup Monitoring
User Account Management
Security and Threat Management
Lifecycle Management
Proactive Maintenance
Email Administration
System upgrades
Network security upgrade
Operating system upgrade
Add/modify/retire hardware, services and accounts
On site or remote support available
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