Distribution is just the starting point.
With Digiworld, you will get so much more.

Digiworld is one of the growing market expansion services providers in USA as well as in North America during the years of operations of
building trust. Digiworld provides a distribution network with numbers of points of sales worldwide and excellent tailor-made solutions
including the top five market expansion services customized to each client’s needs.
Market Analysis

Digiworld draws out the current market scenario and forecasts development direction for relating departments
including detailed description of market segments, market capacity parameters, future movement, and price
charts reflecting expected short-term fluctuations of competitors.

Accordingly, optimal products and pricing strategies for short-and medium-term are designed in what way the
market penetration of each brand will take place.
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With the team and advisers of dedicated and experienced professionals alongside the world-leading partnership
in brand building, Digiworld helps business partners reach their targets in brand identity and brand interaction
by providing support; plans for brand development ; new product launching; product management services;
promotional activities; POSM production and so on.

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Digiworld differentiates itself from others by the professional and dedicated massive sales team worldwide.
The sales services include three main groups:

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By using a professional and standardized management with ERP-SAP system, Digiworld is creating a
smart logistic system that performs all tasks efficiently in comparative lead time.

The Inventory system with real time feature does a lot support in managing inventory level and status as
well as tracking from ordering to goods delivery or international imports to exports. Smart logistics system
is another bonus in our comparative advantages.

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After Sales Services

Durring over the years of operations, Digiworld is proud to be the distributor which can provide warranties up to
Level 3 for famous brand names on Electronic & Mechanical Components and devices,E-Clinical equipments
and Services,Cloth wears and many other appropriate merchandises.

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    Market Analysis
    After-sales service
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